Reverse Baptism "Street Business" LP

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Reverse Baptism "Street Business" LP
Street Business is the debut LP from Baltimore’s Reverse Baptism, who might be Ham-J, Cathy, and Cheetah. However, things quickly unravel into a much less clear delineation of who is who in the dystopian mirage the trio introduce to the listener.
Confusion is the focus (or lack thereof,) Reverse Baptism employ with which to manipulate the listener, blurring power and gender roles and setting up character-driven archetypes that are quickly shattered, reassembled, and fucked back in on themselves.
Nil-person narratives told by ultra-skeevs play out over damaged and spun electronics- at times sequenced, and others whirlwind, but always on the brink of collapsing in on itself. Rusted antique carousel songs play into the screech of porcelain horse’s thrusts before the gears finally corrode and the children start screaming. More perv than punk. More third world than industrial.
The records, pressed on Hollins Market table-colored vinyl, are a triumph in the catalog of Chicago’s Anabolic Dimensions. Liner notes include psychosexual illustrations, a fold out poster of the band, and a complete lyrics sheet (earning the album’s Parental Advisory stamp.)
Reverse Baptism has put forth an open-ended document that manipulates the listener into the twisted view from the gutter which they thrive.
Fuck you Mom.
Fuck you Dad.